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Dr. Ruth Miller is pleased to specialize in Bioidentical Hormones and Biodentical Hormone Treatments in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You will find Miller Health Clinic is one of the most caring Tulsa Family Medicine, Health, and Diet Clinics in the area. We offer full service options for Tulsa Medical Treatments, Weight Loss, Fibromyalgia Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti Aging, Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Hair Restoration, Cosmetic Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Pellets, and Preventative Medicine in Tulsa. Dr. Miller embraces certain treatment options that are alternates or expansions of the traditional practices of Tulsa Cosmetic, Thyroid, and Tulsa Weight Loss Doctors.


As one of the most unique Tulsa Health Clinics and Tulsa Medical Offices in Oklahoma, Dr. Ruth Miller is passionate about helping each patient at her Tulsa Health Clinic / Tulsa Medical Office. Unlike many Tulsa weight loss clinics, the Miller Health Tulsa weight loss clinic offers individual and group coaching to achieve ideal weight and shape at no charge. Also specializing in ThyroiditisOS

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