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Dr Miller graduated from Oklahoma College of Osteopathic Medicine in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Her undergraduate education was at Oral Roberts University where she majored in music.

At ORU, she traveled extensively and sang with the World Action TV Singers. She graduated with a degree in music education. Dr. Miller taught vocal music grades 1-12 before going back to college for her premed studies.

Dr. Miller is board certified in family medicine and participates in many professional organizations. She has been on staff at all the Tulsa hospitals.

Dr. Ruth Miller is one of the few local doctors who still proudly owns and operates their own Tulsa health clinics. This allows more individualized attention to each patient and greater flexibility.

She has had the distinguished opportunities to study with many renowned doctors, beyond what is required for medical re-licensure education. These post graduate studies were in the U.S. and Europe. These special trainings and mostly individual instruction have influenced her to evaluate and treat each person individually. Continued studying inspires this physician to learn more about how to help people with their medical problems, as well as how to help people look as good as possible.

Tulsa aesthetics or cosmetic medicine and Tulsa weight loss are areas of expertise that Dr. Miller enjoys treating because with certain procedures, patients can feel better about themselves right away. Dr. Miller continues to spend a lot of time and expense studying nutrition and natural ways for people to be energized and be at their healthiest shape and weight.

ince 1984, Dr. Miller has been prescribing bioidentical hormones with great success. She has become a well-known physician with vast expertise and experience treating patients with bioidentical hormone. Her hormones replacement therapy Tulsa office are experts in the field.

Preventing illness and disease is greatly stressed at Miller Health. Dr Miller takes time with each patient and is really understanding.

Ruth Miller, D.O. feels that she has been given a special mission by God to help her patients be as healthy as possible.