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Many Areas Can Be Explored to Identify or Treat Severe Tiredness.

Many areas can be explored to identify or treat severe tiredness. It is possible that other Tulsa medical offices may not have thoroughly investigated or taken the time to explore effective treatments. Chronic fatigue syndrome is debilitating. There is no category of medicine to correct this problem.

There is no prescription available that will cure fatigue. Dr. Miller often suggests certain nutrition and supplements to help increase energy.


Many causes of long-time tiredness are caused by various viruses. Medicine can commonly test less than two dozen of hundreds of viruses. What’s worse, there are no cures or even treatments to most viral illnesses. Only a few viruses have reliable treatments (influenza a and b, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, HIV, hepatitis c).


Many people feel certain that their exhaustion and weight gain are due to low thyroid function. If that is true, Dr. Miller will discover the disorder and treat it correctly.


Adrenal glands under or over productive can be tested with saliva tests and then treated accordingly. Adrenal disorder is a possible cause of fatigue.


Inadequate finances, being around others that don’ t treat you well. Giving too much time, effort, and money to adult family members that should take care of themselves, will leave a person empty. Disabled or ill children or spouses drain anyone’s resources. Being responsible for elderly parents wears and tears away physically and emotionally.

More than many realize, dislike of work or more work than is possible to accomplish, surely depletes. Relationship issues, and emotional stress contribute greatly to fatigue.


Illnesses, diseases, injuries, depression known or unknown, take people down. Pain. Ongoing pain is frustrating and limiting. It can take a toll. If there is only one problem, recovery is easier. When there is a myriad of obstacles, it can take some investigation and time. The better Dr. Ruth Miller knows her patients, the more effective the treatment.