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There are many patients that are seeking help for conditions that other doctors may have ignored, don’t know what to treat, won’t take time to listen and explore options, only treat the lab, must follow company protocol, so they are unable to try to offer creative solutions for illnesses or deficiencies, where there are no cures or obvious remedies. Dr miler works hard to try to find helpful non-addicting options for patients who have problems that have no known medication treatments.

Sometimes just telling Dr. Miller your problems, complaints, and frustrations, will guide her to know how to approach your issues and start solving your puzzle to eventually be healthy.
Dr ruth miller will determine the tests that will help reveal anything that can be tested.

Many viruses, fungus, parasites, allergies, and illnesses do not have adequate testing without specialty tests. Commonly, some advanced tests are not covered by insurance.

At miller health, Dr. Ruth Miller will pursue causes if known, and treatments, even if pharmaceuticals have not been invented.

Sometimes a patient’s analysis, introspection, monitoring of habits and home tests will be helpful in finding a way to health.

Some patients don’t like their condition, but do not want to implement anything different that could make their health better. Actual healing occurs when a patient will do things differently to experience better health. Some changes aren’t easy, but worth it.