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Multiple options to diminish unwanted problems associated with declining age including Tulsa Miller Health Aesthetics are available with Doctor Miller. She feels “antiaging” may not be the perfect term, because we may not want to approach looking and feeling old, as a war.

However, finding ways to diminish the negative effects that occur with several decades of living, can be a positive.

Aging is a process that begins at conception until the end of life.

Changes are natural and inevitable. Accepting that we will see changes in our body will help decrease stress.

Developed maturity is not only achieving a status of physical adulthood, but also having the ability to discern good from bad, consistently exercising the ability to stay calm and not let outside influences keep you in a state of anxiety, depression, fear, or anger. Making the best decision that will give you a positive outcome in the future, even if the outcome will be delayed. Understanding that others may not follow the same standards responsibly going to work and functioning well to accomplish and meet your employer’s expectations. Committing to study to achieve a level of competence that will provide value to the marketplace. Gaining counsel to help resolve past hurts so that they don’t damage your present and future. Valuing and displaying positive character qualities. Paying bills on time, keeping appointments as scheduled, showing honesty, consideration, kindness, responsibility, self-control, self-acceptance, and gratitude. Not dependent on others to provide money, happiness, living expenses. Capable of taking care of your financial, emotional, and physical needs.

There are a great many values for maturity.

It is a slow march to the ultimate maturation of death. Subtle at first, then maybe shockingly noticeable at some stages. Maturity is knowing that there is a degradation of youth and ultimately a physiological decline. Our goal is to make reasonable attempts to keep the decline at a micro, not macro effect. There are many actions that we can take to minimize the negative effects of aging. Giving priority to maintaining a slim profile, lifting light weights and walking to maintain strength and flexibility. Without making major attempts to achieve those goals, aging will not be as friendly a process.

Again, appearance to minimize aging is to take appropriate efforts to harness your body function to be efficient and not overweight and sedentary.

Physically, good activities as we age are not to do extremes, unless you are fit, good at it, and can’t help yourself. Marathons, cycling massive hours a week, competition, martial arts, singles tennis, racquet ball, gymnastics, head butting soccer, and tackle football are not considered conservative exercise.

Walking, recreational cycling, swimming, golfing (w/o a cart), badminton, jogging, doubles tennis, bouncing on a mini trampoline, yoga to the level you are comfortable, jazzercise, Zumba, hiking, basketball (maybe half court eventually), ping pong, pickle ball, cleaning, lawn care, and gardening.

Keeping your mind alert could include reading, puzzles, jeopardy tv show, cards, studying various topics, the price is right tv show, learning more history and geography, memorizing scripture or quotations, advanced board games, listening to motivational or inspirational podcasts, quilting, cross stitching, singing, and playing musical instruments.

Volunteering, giving to others less fortunate, reading to children and elderly, teaching at your church or nonprofit organization, helping at a food outreach, repairs for those who have limited resources, and taking classes.

Anti-aging can include balanced hormone replacement. Lack of hormones is normal when women quit having a reproductive cycle and when men reach a certain age or deficiency. Without replacement, many have less strength, less tolerability, less sexual interest and performance, less bone and muscle strength, less hair on the scalp, less skin elasticity and less energy.

Four Causes of Aging:

1) free radicals-chemically unstable molecules attack our cells and damage DNA. It is like rust attacking a car, wind and hail damaging a roof, wear and tear on a vehicle or house.

2) inflammation- a normal process of fighting against invaders to the body like bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, sun, toxins, pollution and emotional exposure to a stimulus of pain, fear, worry. Long term exposure to any or many of these irritants and attackers create damage in the body that may or may not be recoverable. It can lead to tissue death, damage to DNA and internal scarring.

3) glycation- means too much sugar. When excess sugar processes and interacts with body proteins and fats, it leads to decreased protein function and impaired elasticity of tissues including skin, vessels, tendons and organs. There are no anti glycation enzymes to remove the products of glycation (excess sugar), so the damage continues. Having a low sugar intake will help prevent further damage. It is like the theory that accumulation of metabolic waste increases aging. Advanced glycation end products (ages) created by high glucose cause irreversible dehydration and internal reactions that end in accelerated aging, formation and progression of diseases,

4) stress- an external or internal condition that upsets the normal balance. Physiological stress comes when a stimulus triggers a physical reaction. The most common example is the ‘flight or fight’ reaction. When these conditions persist, the body may alter immune function, affect memory, metabolism changes and susceptibility to disease.
Environmental stress happens when an event, situation, or variable interrupts our normal pattern. Exposure to extreme heat or cold, inhaling toxic chemicals, living in a place with mold, insects, and filth, and constant loud noise or repetitive jarring.

Emotional stress is relying on another person to take care of your needs who treats you badly. Staying around an environment that is negative, or another person is telling you how terrible you are, calling you names, or hurting you physically. Pain, fear, worry, being anxious, having a negative outlook and overworking cause self-stress.

Ways to Slow Down Aging


There are many theories for minimizing the negative effects of aging.


In the longevity factor book, Dr. Joseph Maroon promotes resveratrol. All wines contain resveratrol. The darker skin grapes have a higher content. You don’t have to drink wine to add this valuable organic compound. It is found in some plants like blueberries, bilberries, pomegranate, as well as grapes, and peanuts in small amounts. The content in a glass of wine is 0.2-5 mg. Most supplements are 100-200 mg. Some say to benefit, 2000 mg a day is necessary.

Calories/Carbohydrate Limitation

Maintaining high levels of glucose (blood sugar) may be a factor in many proven studies that show low calorie intake of good nutrition provides a better life presently and as the years advance. So, eating lower amounts of carbs, sugars, and calories helps us be younger.


Dehydroepiandrosterone was introduced to me in the late 80s by Dr. Julian Whitaker. His company published information for supplementing and improving health. Before, even medical school professors didn’t know what this adrenal hormone did, there was nowhere to obtain this hormone. It then became available through compounding pharmacies and was included with my other hormone prescriptions. Now it is available everywhere at 10-25 mg. There again quality and how much DHEA is in the supplement and how much hormone is absorbed, is the key. In our 20s, like other hormones, human levels of DHEA are high and diminish through the decades. The Washington University of Medicine Research found DHEA reduces abdominal fat by turning on a certain receptor that causes fat to be metabolized better.


Human growth hormone became famously promoted in the late 90s. Again, like many other theories, this was the fountain of youth. This hormone was only available in limited quantities for children with unusual diseases that met the strict criteria. Or children with severely delayed growth. Then a recombinant hormone was developed and was introduced in 1981. Before, the only source was cadaver pituitaries, making it scarce and controlled. HGH is only available as a prescription. At Miller Health, a growth hormone lab test is done if a patient is interested and can afford the treatment. If a patient’s levels show low, they qualify for receiving a prescription. Patients on HGH are carefully followed with body fat, bone density, glucose monitoring, and blood levels to determine the benefit. And avoid negative effects. Human growth hormone is a scheduled drug, as it has been abused, and is illegal for athletes in the Olympics. There are 5 or 6 brands produced in the U.S. the cost can be from $1000-$2000 per month. Don’t expect that your insurance will pay for it. It does not come in oral form, so if you read that a supplement will increase your growth hormone; it is not human growth hormone. Most supplements are vitamins and herbs. There are chemical precursors called secretagogues. They are expensive too and require injections and a prescription.


Repetitive DNA sequences at the end of chromosomes. Really, it is complicated. It has been described like the coverings on the end of a shoelace. We don’t want our chromosomes to be shortened. It is merely scientific. Dr. Jerry Shaya and Dr. Woody Wright are professors at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center that are among the many scientists studying how the DNA can be manipulated to diminish aging negatives.


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for replacing the male and female hormones that become no longer produced, provides a greater lifestyle like when our reproductive and sexual hormones were at their peak. Dr. Ruth Miller is an expert in helping men and women patients with hormones. Our hormone clock is gone long before we are. Now we can replace them.


For all the theories, there are studies that show benefits. There are also studies and opinions negating the theories.

Chronological vs Biological

With technological advances and readily available diagnostic tests to determine disease early can help to prevent some advanced diseases. Being willing to have a chest x ray, cat scan of the lungs, ultrasound of the ovaries, colonoscopy, mammogram and bone density can save your life. If there is no disease, then that is great. Doing what we know to be healthy will help our organs to function better. We judge age by our colleagues, family, movies and tv. Comparing yourself to chronologically younger people is not fair. We are influenced by our childhood and current nutrition, exposure to harmful situations, the circumstances of our choices, and the love we are given.


Treatments that enhance beauty, diminish the effects of aging, and promote good appearance self-esteem. As with many of these options, how much money you must spend is frequently the deciding factor. Dr Miller is highly trained and has been injecting Botox and fillers at miller heath for decades. Of course, there are surgeries to improve the appearance like a face lift, liposuction, eyebrow lifts, and implants. However, unless you value your qualities and accept that you were made unique, fixing the outside rarely makes people happy or content.

Anti-aging is more than coloring gray hair, removing facial hair, buying bigger pant sizes or pants with elastic waist bands, getting fake nails or fake boobs. To get a face lift, tummy tuck, or hair transplants are more expensive ways to fight the looks of aging.

Aesthetic treatments are designed to diminish the facial effects of aging by minimizing wrinkles with Botox, collagen fillers, and facial enhancements. Dr. Ruth Miller is highly trained and experienced in injecting skillfully. If you are interested in investing in this type of defying aging, you can contact Miller Health and you will have the luxury of a physician injector with credentials, and over 25 years’ experience.

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We wouldn’t expect a teenager to look like he did when he was a toddler. Progress, development and changes are the normal process. Being angry and resentful that we don’t look or perform the same as we did in our 20s and 30s, will only cause exaggerated aging, unhappiness and discontent. Doing what is reasonable, in your budget, and being active is good.

Gracefully accepting our body changes is a mature and healthy attitude.

Her hormones replacement therapy Tulsa office are experts in the field.