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At our weight loss clinic, we have great solutions for weight loss or even weight gain. We emphasize maintaining the weight that you achieve after losing. It is a lifetime project for most. If what we eat and drink now is not producing the weight we want, then we must decrease our volume of food and stop eating fattening foods, if we expect to be the weight we want to be for life.

Fast food

It’s pretty obvious that our society has allowed kids sports events, (which often equal fast food dinners), lack of time, too tired, cheap pop/soda, enticing advertisements, not wanting to cook, long work hours, that has allowed addiction to sugar and processed foods to control our health.

Prescriptions and popular plans

If diet pills worked long term, there would be no discussion about how to lose and keep the weight off. We have had addicting prescription diet pills available since 1959. Many people go periodically to a weight loss clinic and lose 10-30 pounds. Usually this is done repeatedly because they gain the weight back after the amphetamine pills quit working. There are several new weight loss medications. Some of the newer pharmaceutical products combine a chemical with an amphetamine but like the amphetamine alone, they quit working after a while, and it takes more and more to get the desired result and then the effect is gone. Another weight loss prescription is simply an antidepressant with an anti-addiction drug. Also certainly not used for first line therapy, one prescription used for type 2 diabetes is expensive and carries high risk side effects. Insurance commonly chooses not to cover these types of medicines. Another popular plan has been pregnancy hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin/hcg) shots with extreme calorie restrictions which also rarely result in long term healthy weight. Even weight loss surgery often ends up with weight gain after the initial loss.

To be healthy, we must choose an eating routine that is good for our bodies that we will embrace for life. We need a weight loss program as well as a maintenance that the scale will determine when to switch. All the weight loss medications state that they are an adjunct to a reduced calorie diet and increased physical activity. Most of the prescription appetite suppressants claim that their studies show people lose 3-5% of their body weight in 1 year with reduced calories. For a 200# person, that is 10 pounds. Decreasing calories or carbs and counting can do that for free.


Exercise is important. It is the only way to be toned and have firm muscles. We must have strength in our muscles to get up from a squatting position, run away from danger, get up from a chair, lift even medium weight items, like grocery sacks, and to be able to climb stairs. Exercise can also make us look better, but if exercise were the key to weight loss, what is happening to all those people in the gym that look the same in April as they did in January.


Even losing 20 pounds helps correct medical issues that contribute to diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high insulin, high blood sugar, and low self-esteem can be improved by simply losing weight.


At Dr. Miller’s office, we embrace healthy and non-addicting weight loss. We offer free coaching and accountability with our effective, easy and fabulous nutrition plan. Dr ruth miller wants patients to succeed with weight loss and maintaining a reasonable shape.

Our goal is to encourage weight management for life. Miller medical weight loss clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma offers individual and group coaching, for no charge, to achieve ideal weight and shape. We offer a natural, healthy, simple, affordable plan that has worked for millions worldwide, and still works for over 40 years.

At our weight loss clinic, we have great solutions for weight loss.