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Miller Health welcomes you to a unique, caring, comprehensive medical office.

Dr. Ruth Miller is unusually open with a god given ability to listen to her patients.

Our office in Oklahoma offers a full service option for the medical concerns of all ages and all problems. Dr. Miller has a special passion for helping patients who need bioidentical hormone replacement.

This family medicine health clinic treats a wide spectrum of illnesses and diseases, but treatment is not limited to helping sick people. Preventative medicine and promoting health is a big concern and strongly emphasized as we strive to help our patients be as healthy as possible.

Dr. Miller has offered a selection of high quality supplements for years, and embraces certain treatment options that are alternates or expansions to traditional practices.

The doctor welcomes patients to bring all of their prescription medications as well as all over the counter, non prescription (over the counter) supplements so that she can be aware of every way a person is seeking to be healthy. It is then possible to make recommendations and integrate natural healing methods with standard prescriptions and procedures.

This physician is unique in her approach to helping people. She is very interested in each person and what their individual needs are.

Preventing illnesses and diseases is greatly stressed at Miller Health. Dr. Miller takes time with each patient and is really understanding.

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