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2865 E. Skelly Dr. Tulsa, OK 74105 | 918-742-1996

Near 51st and Harvard north of I- 44. Turn West at the Q.T. on the service road that is one way. 4th building, white and one story.

Dr. Ruth Miller is pleased to specialize in Bioidentical Hormones and Biodentical Hormone Treatments in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

You will find Miller Health Clinic is one of the most caring Tulsa Family Medicine, Health, and Diet Clinics in the area. We offer full service options for Tulsa Medical Treatments, Weight Loss, Fibromyalgia Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti Aging, Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Hair Restoration, Cosmetic Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Pellets, and Preventative Medicine in Tulsa. Dr. Miller embraces certain treatment options that are alternates or expansions of the traditional practices of Tulsa Cosmetic, Thyroid, and Tulsa Weight Loss Doctors.

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Patient Reflections


Tulsa, OK
Just a note to say thanks. I might not be here today had it not been for your insisting that I get the ultra sound “immediately” that found my tumor. You were & are one of my angels sent from above to take care of me.


Tulsa, OK
You have a gift for helping others to see the as a place of possibility. You give your wisdom and comfort with a caring touch. Thank you for helping me out in such a desperate time in my life. I have told so many people- my family and others, how your were so kind , wise and knowledgeable: And how you gave me such inspiration, guidance, and hope for the future.


Tulsa, OK
Thank you so much for your help with my prescription. Also thanks for all of your generous care and support through the years.
Dr. Ruth Miller

Dr. Ruth Miller

Why Choose Us?

MILLER HEALTH CLINIC also offers a full service for the medical concerns of all ages and all problems. This family medicine clinic treats a wide spectrum of illnesses and diseases, but treatment is not limited to helping sick people.

Preventative medicine and promoting health is a big emphasis as we strive to help our patients be as well as possible.