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The advice for a person under 35 is fundamentally different than advice for an older person. Eat right, exercise, avoid toxic substances (nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, etc.), drink lots of distilled water and get plenty of sleep. Of course, this all applies to the over 35 group as well, but there is more to the task of staying young after you are no longer young. Doctors usually divide aging up into minimal aging, normal aging and abnormal aging. Minimal Aging

Minimal aging is what occurs when you take the best possible care of your body, including utilizing modern nutritional science. People who do this typically look ten to twenty years younger than their chronological age.


Normal aging happens when you are taking the best care of your body, but you are not taking advantage of what is offered by modern nutritional and medical science to maintain your youth: vitamins, minerals, hormonal therapy, etc. Abnormal Aging

Abnormal aging comes from abuse of the body: smoking, drinking, subjecting yourself to stress, etc. If slowing the aging process is what you want, and if you are going to choose a doctor to help you, I suggest that you ask that doctor's age, then step back and take a long look at that person. If this person is not looking a lot younger than the stated age, look elsewhere for someone who knows and practices the information of anti-aging.