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Tulsa, Oklahoma hair restoration

Hair loss can be a devastating experience. Though it is usually gradual, it can have a distressing effect on our lives. At Miller medical in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have a guaranteed method for the regrowing and restoration of your hair.

The hair restoration program takes one year and uses the patented revage 670 laser to stimulate hair growth. This is a FDA approved machine that must be physician supervised. The laser is not painful like many cosmetic laser treatments. The revage 670 is a low level laser therapy that is a “cold” laser which does not work by a thermal component and does not burn or vaporize the tissue.

Thinning hair can be helped because the laser stimulates the oxygenation of the scalp and increases the blood flow to the hair follicles. Just by sitting under a hood, that looks somewhat like a big hair dryer, twenty minutes a couple of times a week, hair growth and restoration occurs.

We are pleased to work with you for your hair restoration.

For a free hair restoration consultation, contact Miller medical at 918-742-1996 or Rick Holmes at 918-740-4913. HTTP://WWW.OKLAHOMAHAIRRESTORATION.COM

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