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At Miller Medical, we recommend a Tulsa weight loss plan that works for life. Losing weight and then gaining it all back is depressing and negatively influences the body's metabolism. Fad diets, pregnancy hormone Injections, addicting diet pills, and starvation methods never work long term. They wreak havoc on metabolism making weight loss even more difficult.

By using excellent quality weight loss products that provide key nutrients, losing weight is achieved in a healthy and easy way. A personalized plan can be developed with complimentary coaching utilizing 2 meal replacemnent delicious shakes a day, vitamin mineral herbs tablets and an energy drink that increases your metabolism and energy.

In the United States, at least 65% of people are overweight and it affects our health greatly. We can avoid many diseases by being at a healthy weight. Dr. Miller and her Tulsa weight loss clinic staff offer free coaching with the weight loss program in Tulsa to help you stay encouraged. Ask about our Tulsa aesthetics while you are here!